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We live in an increasingly stressful society and absorb stress in many ways but that stress has a way of manifesting itself in the body as muscle ache, stiffness, neck ache, headaches and digestive problems to name but a few. The increased use of laptops, mobile phones, computers, games consoles and tablets also lead to symptoms such as repetitive strain injury and eye strain.

A seated chair massage leaves people feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It can reduce stress, decrease anxiety, relieve muscle tension, improve quality of sleep, relieve headaches, lowers blood pressure, help with repetitive strain injury, increases immune function and increases focus, energy and clarity.

Seated massage in the work place helps to increase productivity and demonstrates an active investment in the welfare of staff.

Massage is a very simple and effective method for relieving stress on the body. Providing on site massage removes some of the barriers people have to going for a massage, typically time and money and the fear of being touched by a stranger. On site massage is by its nature, very portable and mobile and easily accommodated in a workplace environment. The treatment is carried out with the client fully clothed and can be adapted nicely to an individual’s needs. The treatment can take 15, 20 or 30 minutes (longer if necessary). This makes on site massage ideal for the work environment because it does not abstract staff from their desks/consoles etc for long and they get an essential body treatment.

The routine involves the use of acupressure points as well as stretches and joint mobilisation and is a revitalizing, toning and uplifting experience. The sequence promotes a sense of wellbeing because the muscles relax, blood circulation is increased, and nerve responses are stimulated. The routine covers the back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and finished off with a head massage which finishes the treatment beautifully.

Providing access to on site massage for your staff will help their mental and physical wellbeing and in turn go some way to reducing the occurrences of stress related sickness.

The specially designed chair is comfortable and can easily be adapted for varying heights.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss corporate packages for offering on site massage to your staff on your premises.



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